NATULIS Interim Spaces is an art-focused project initiated by NATULIS GROUP AG. Donating spaces for interim use, for over 10 years it has provided artists with empty buildings to use as studios and exhibition spaces.


NATULIS Interim Spaces provides temporary studio space for artists in Berlin to create site specific temporary artworks. It is sponsored by NATULIS GROUP AG, and was created in response to artists calling for studio space (Zwischennutzung) to better foster artistic development. NATULIS Interim Spaces is a pioneer in the creation of temporary opportunities for artists in the city, bringing together like-minded people in stimulating and experimental environments.


Since May 2018, X LANE has been the new cultural hotspot in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Through the cooperation of NAULIS Interim Spaces and the association Bunte Vielfalt e. V., X LANE has become a sought-after place for art projects; from painting and installation art to urban art, fashion, dance, and photography. Since 2018, X LANE has been the host of BERLIN GRAPHIC DAYS, where more than 70 national and international designers and artists come together to present and sell their works.


The support of NATULIS Interim Spaces made it possible for A SPACE to be the site of the dotLand goup exhibition in 2014. It was presented by Peninsula, a group of Italian artists based in Berlin who engage in dialogue with the international art and culture scene.


In summer and autumn 2012, the JOHN PARK site was transformed into a temporary work of art. NATULIS Interim Spaces allowed artists to meet in stimulating and experimental surroundings, resulting in live art performances and GARAGE ART, a project that provided artists with temporary studio space.